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  • We aim to respond to valuation requests by e-mail within about one week.
  • If there is a backlog of valuations, it may take us longer than that to respond.
  • The value of an item depends for instance on its age, condition, origin, history, purpose, manufacturer and designer.
  • We are unable to verify the materials in jewellery or other items made of or incorporating precious metals or stones on the basis of images; we must examine such items in person at our offices.
  • We reserve the right to revise our valuation if new information emerges after completing the valuation concerning the item’s authenticity, provenance or condition, etc.
  • Unfortunately, in the course of the process we are unable to respond to requests for estimates on when a valuation will be completed.
  • If you need a valuation of an object for personal reasons, please read the description of written valuations here.

Our Experts


Mika Sirén

CEO, Broker, Entrepreneur

Hanne Siekkinen

Head Curator, shareholder

Petri Parikka

Curator, Broker

Aki Syrjäläinen

Curator, Photographer

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