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Click “Log in” on our home page and select “Get a new password here”. We will send a link to change your password to your email. The email address must be the same as the one in our register.

The provision comprises both the seller and the buyer’s service. It consists of the assessment of items, accounts receivables and payable, warehousing, cataloguing, photography, marketing, showing and the consignment to the new owner. The 24% VAT is included in the provision. Some of the items are added a ‘Droit de suite’ royalty, a maximum of 5% of the price of the item. These items have been marked with a *.

Auction House Helander acts as a broker between the seller and the buyer. The ownership of the items is sustained throughout the process until the buyer has payed for the item.

You may get a username by registering on our website. After registering you will receive an automatically generated account. You may log in to your account immediately.

Hammer price means the price at which an item is sold in an auction. Buyer’s provision and hammer fee will be added to the buyer’s hammer price. The seller’s provision and hammer fee will be deducted from the hammer price.

A starting bid means the lowest possible offer accepted on the lot. Normally the starting bid is 50 EUR with the exception of noble metals and valuables.

You can change your account information through “My page”:

  • Log in
  • The page will load automatically
  • Change information
  • Save changes

Changes in bank account information should be sent to us directly via email or mail.


You may authorise another person to pick up an item for you. The person must have the buyer’s approval, the numbers of the lot and the auction, a receipt of payment and the invoice number. You may send the documents and the identity of the person picking up items in advance to

The bids made in a hammer auction are binding and cannot be withdrawn. Items actioned at the hammer auction are not subject to the rules of distance selling and do not have the right to cancel the transaction.

The buyer has to inform Helander of the use of the right to withdrawal before 14 days have passed since the bid. The right of withdrawal starts on the day the buyer receives the item. The document for withdrawal should include the auction number, the auction date, the lot number, and the buyer’s name. It should be sent to Helander via email at or given in writing to our customer service. The email address has to be the same as the registration email. After withdrawing, the item(s) need to be returned on the buyer’s expense in 14 days. The item(s) should be returned to the same place where it was acquired. The return cannot be made through cash on delivery or similar. The buyer holds the risk on the item being damaged or lost. The buyer has to pack and handle the item(s) so it is not damaged in transport. When Helander has received the item(s), or the buyer has sent Helander a verification on sending the item, the payment will be returned to the buyer in 14 days. Possible reduction in value of the item(s) will also be deducted. The reimbursement will be made in the same currency and same bank account or payment card as the purchasing.

Bought items should be payed and picked up inside 5 days after the auction has ended.

Packaging, posting and delivery can be ordered only through this from. After filling the form you will receive more information in your email.

Every auction has default bids that have been specified in Helander’s bidding incremental scale.

The highest bid wins. If there is two similar bids, the first registered bid wins.

Sell price € Royalty % of the price
< 50 000 €5 %
50 001–200 000 €3 %
200 001–350 000 €1 %
350 001–500 000 €0,5 %
> 500 001 €0,25 %
Artist(s) or the intellectual property right holder(s) have the right to a compensation for reselling their copyrighted material. This fee is usually called a Droit de suite, resale right or a royalty. The royalty is calculated from the sell price excluding VAT. One artwork’s royalty may be a maximum of 12 500 euros. A royalty fee will not be collected on items under the selling price of 255 euros +VAT.

The right to a royalty fee includes artwork that is protected by copyright. In Finland all copyright-eligible works are protected for 70 years after the death of the author / artist. The Ministry of Education and Culture has appointed Kuvasto as the organization for settling the royalty fee. Helander therefore collects payments from buyers in connection with the sale of the work, passes them on to the Catalog, which in turn pays the compensation to the party entitled to the compensation: the visual artist or the right holder.

The only way the closing time of an item can change is because of the two minute rule. Online auctions feature the so called two minute rule, meaning the closing time of an item is extended by two minutes starting from the last bid, provided the bid is made less than two minutes before the item’s closing time.

For Example if the item closes at 6:00 pm, but a bid is left at 5:59 pm the new closing time for the item is 6:01 pm (+ 2 mins from the last bid). The sale is ended only after no new bids have been made for the item during the last two minutes.


The settlement statements are published on the website on the settlement day.

Date of SaleDate of payout
Items sold during the 1st–14th day of the monthThe 16th of the following month
Items sold during the 15th-31st day of the monthLast day of next month


Items bought in the Online Auction have a right of withdrawal of 14 days, which begins on the day of picking up the item(s). When a buyer has payed for the item in full and the 14 days have passed, the settlement happens automatically on the 16th or 3oth day of the month.


Please remember to check that your bank information is saved on your registered account. Bank account information can be sent to The information provider must be the same as specified in the sales order agreement.

Sell orders can be tracked through email notifications and My Page.

Your items can be seen with pictures after the auction catalogues are published. Your invoices will be published auction by auction on My Page on the settlement day. Your selling history will be saved on My Page automatically.

You will know the order is completed when all your items have been on sale. We will not send a separate notice or summary to you directly.

Reception of goodsDelivery of goods and cashier
Mo-FrSatWeekend and national holidaysMo-FrSatWeekend and national holidays

The reception is open on weekdays from 12 pm to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Read more here.

A pick up service can be inquired from our customer service. Please notice that all items are evaluated either on a valuation visit or via online valuation form.

The auction suitable for the items is determined by the delivery time as well as the appropriate topic and category. Items are registered for sale in order of arrival. You will automatically receive an email notification when items are put up for sale. After the announcement, your items will appear on My Page.

The lots can be sold two times. Exceptions are items that have had a starting price separately agreed in the order. These items must be picked up within the deadline. If these items are not taken back on time, they will be resold at a starting price of € 50.

After the auction, you will receive a summary via email. In the summary, you can see the sold and unsold items in the auction. Items not sold for the first time (did not reach target price) will automatically go on sale a second time. Items cannot be retrieved, with the exception of items that have had a starting price separately agreed in the order. If these items are not taken back on time, they will be resold at a starting price of € 50. Items not sold a second time (did not reach target price) are marked with an exclamation point (!) In the Auction Summary.

Unsold items will be processed in the manner you choose in the assignment agreement.

If you have selected to pick up items within the deadline: we retain items for five (5) days. Items not collected within the time limit will be donated to charity or destroyed automatically. Waste costs for large or heavy items will be charged to the seller in accordance with our price list.

If you have selected a recycling / sorting permit for the item: the  items are donated to charity or destroyed automatically. Waste costs for large or heavy items will be charged to the seller in accordance with our price list.

We carry out evaluation visits in the case of larger collections. The appraiser’s visit is free of charge. You can inquire about the evaluation visit from our customer service.

In some cases, the appraiser may take some of the items with him. Usually a separate time is scheduled for the collection of the items during the valuation visit or by contacting our customer service.

Items are allocated according to their rarity, demand, condition and value.

A written valuation may be requested for a deed, a claim, an insurance claim or a division of property. If the items are sold at Helander’s auction, the evaluation is free of charge. 

Offices & Opening hours

You can either call, visit, email or send us a form thought the website.

Please check our current opening hours here!

To contact us via email, send a message to: or fill out this form, by clicking here.

Our Customer Service by Phone operates at +358 (0)2 900 319 50, Please check our current opening hours here!

You may also contact us by emailing at or by filling out this form here. 

Auction House Helander’s main building is located at Hernepellonkuja 8–10, 00560 Helsinki. The side building is located in the immediate vicinity of the main building, at Hernepellonkuja 12, 00560 Helsinki.

Check out our current opening hours from here!

The side building is open to the public during the viewings. The Auction viewings will be announced separately for each auction on our events page.


Purchases must be paid for and picked up within five (5) days of the end of the auction. The easiest and fastest way to pay for your purchase is to pay:

1) On My Pages

You can find your invoices in My Pages> Purchase Invoices and Billing. You can pay for your purchases under My Pages> Purchase Invoices and Billing Statements> Pay. Click “Pay” and follow the link that will take you to strong identification.

2) By bank transfer

You can also pay the bill via your online bank transfer. To view payment information for an invoice, go to My Pages> Purchase Invoices and Billing Statements> View.

3) At our offices

The invoice can also be paid at Helander. Debit or Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard) are accepted. We do not accept cash.


You can check to see if your payment has been received in My Pages> Purchase Invoices and Billing Statements. The text Paid appears on the line of the invoice registered as paid. It can normally take about 3 business days for a bank transfer to register. It can take up to 5 business days for foreign bank transfers to register.

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