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An Experts Guide to Oriental Rugs & their History

4.2.202310:00 - 14:00Huutokauppa Helander, Hernepellonkuja 8-10, 00560 Helsinki
Itämaiset matot - tarpeesta taiteeksi, luennoitsija Mika Sirén.
Aarrematkojen kevään 2023 kulttuuritarjonta Euroopassa. Kuva: Hampuri.

About the Event: An Experts Guide to Oriental Rugs & History

As a part of our Fine Carpets Sale Auction, we would like to invite you to our upcoming event: An Experts Guide to Oriental Carpets and their History. During the event our Keynote speaker, Helander’s Oriental Carpets Specialist and CEO Mika Sirén will give you an wholesome look into the world and history of oriental rugs!

Sirén has gathered his knowledge of rugs during his decades long work with selling and importing Rugs to Finland. During the speech you will get a deep dive into the variation, usage and history of oriental rugs.

Also present at the Event will be our collaborator, Finnish travel agency Aarrematkat. Aarrematkat will present a teaser about this springs upcoming culture travels in Europe. 

The event will be held on Saturday, the 4th of February, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Read more about the agenda and our key note speakers below. Please note that the keynote speech will be held in Finnish.

Due to the popularity of the event, we ask you to sign up for the event in advance. Welcome!  

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Please note that this event will be held in Finnish.

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10:00The event begins
10:15-11:00Experts guidance: Itämaiset matot - tarpeesta taiteeksi, Mika Sirén
11:00-12:00Introduction to Fine Carpets Sale rugs
12:15-13:00Aarrematkat presents: Upcoming Trips to Europe in 2023
13:00-14:00Explore Fine Carpets Sale rugs with Mika Sirén's guidance

Keynote speakers

Helander’s CEO Mika Sirén has decades long experience with oriental rugs. Since the 1990’s Mika has imported carpets, worked as a retailer and owned a carpet store in Helsinki. During the Fine Carpets Sale you have an unique opportunity to get a deep dive into the variation of oriental rugs, how to take care of them and how to spot the differences between handwoven and machine made carpets. Mika’s expertise are Iranian and Afghan rugs.

Antti Haukkamaa, the tour leader and one of the founders at Aarrematkat will present you an overlook of their culture related trips to Europe in spring 2023. Aarrematkat is a travel agency that arranges high-level culture and antique themed trips for groups. These trips offer you like-minded company, culture experiences and the thrill of exploring antique markets in European cities.

During the presentation you will hear about upcoming trips to Italy, France and Poland. Aarrematkat also arranges theater trips to Estonia in March and April, and travels to Älvsjö Antique Fair in Stockholm.

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