Buyer’s premium

Costs are added to the hammer price. Prices include VAT 24%.
Buyers Premium+ 23,25 % of the hammer price
Hammerfee+ 8,50 EUR / Lot
Droit de Suite fee, *-marked itemsat most 5 % of the hammeprice

How to buy

Stage 1. Review the lots in the catalogue

The auction catalogue is where you can view the items on sale.


Stage 2. Bid

In order to submit a bid, you must log in to the catalogue. This requires registration. You can submit a bid in any of the following ways:

Online auctions

  • make a bid via the catalogue

Hammer auctions and special auctions

  • make a bid via the catalogue
  • make a bid on site in person during the auction (Only available in hammer auctions)
  • make a bid online during the auction, i.e. while the catalogue is in the Live state

Good to know

When you submit a bid via a catalogue, Automatic Bidding will do the bidding for you. Automatic Bidding will raise your bid on your behalf by the minimum increment each time and notify you if another bidder exceeds your bid. You will be notified if another bidder exceeds your bid. Read more about bidding here.


Stage 3. Attend a viewing

Viewings are for displaying the items that are lots in an auction currently in progress. The timing of viewings depends on the timetable of the related auctions. Anyone who is interested in the items in question is welcome to attend.


Stage 4. Attend the auction


Online auctions

  • Online auctions are held entirely and only online. There is no auctioneer in an online auction.
  • You may take part by logging in and submitting bids via the catalogue.
  • A catalogue is opened for bids when it is posted and closed gradually, in numerical order of lots, at pre-announced times.
  • A bid you submit will remain valid for the duration of the auction.

Online auctions feature the so called two minute rule, meaning the closing time of an item is extended by two minutes starting from the last bid, provided the bid is made less than two minutes before the item’s closing time.

For Example if the item closes at 6:00 pm, but a bid is left at 5:59 pm the new closing time for the item is 6:01 pm (+ 2 mins from the last bid). The sale is ended only after no new bids have been made for the item during the last two minutes.


Special and hammer auctions

  • Special auctions are always unique, so further details regarding attendance can be viewed from the auction’s event page.
  • A hammer auction is held live on site and simultaneously online. Hammer auctions are managed by an auctioneer.
  • Bids may be submitted via the catalogue. Once the auction has begun, you can submit bids via the catalogue in the Live state or on site in person.
  • Advance bids will be considered in the auction.


Stage 5. Pay and collect, or book delivery

After the auction, you will be informed if you won. You can pay for your purchases through My Pages. Please check the collecting and payment requirements of your purchases on the event page of the Auction. Most items should be paid and collected within five (5) adays of the end of the auction. You can also book packaging and posting for your purchases.

Please note:

The buyer must pay not only the hammer price but also the auction premium (23.25% of the hammer price) and a hammer fee of EUR 8,50. For art, an additional resale fee of no more than 5% will be charged by law if the hammer price exceeds EUR 255 and the work is still under copyright. Lots protected by copyright are marked with an asterisk (*) in the catalogue. Read more about the resale fee here.

Packaging, mailing and delivery services

We will professionally pack (and if necessary disassemble) items for mailing or transport. Get a quote before the auction and be fully informed about the delivery of your item! Requesting a quote does not commit you to anything. Read more here.

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