We give up disposable boxes


Every month thousands of treasures find their new owners at Auction House Helander. Until recently, we have bundled the small items we sell in coated cardboard boxes. Now we are headed for a new direction.





Causes for change

Although a good cardboard box is relatively hardwearing, many of them become redundant after the items bought are transported to their new homes. As a result, many boxes end up as waste. A quality vintage item has a life span of decades – why not pack it in a matching package!

In order to do that, Auction House Helander replaces cardboard boxes with sturdy, washable boxes with a long service life. The material is safe, durable polypropylene, and the boxes can eventually be recycled for the plastics industry.

Box of Seashells


What will change?

Henceforth, small items such as tableware, decoration items and collectibles will be packed in durable boxes that buyers will not receive with the items. During the transition period, some items will be sold as before: in cardboard boxes that buyers may take with them.

When you collect items, bring the packaging material that you consider appropriate. However, in case you do not have suitable packaging material or if you make an unplanned purchase in a floor auction, don’t worry!  We are able to provide you with inexpensive packaging materials, too.


Welcome to make genuine finds at Helander!



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