The Success Story of an European Teddy Bear: STEIFFs available on the April Auction


The Steiff bears are known for their life-long quality. Their history dates back to year 1880, when seamstress Margarete Steiff founded a felt clothing company.


Steiff Teddies

The smallest of the Steiff bears conquered an old chair. Photo: Minna Sirén / Auction House Helander.


Eventhough the Steiff company has grown popular with the high-quality hand-made bears, their first stuffed animals included toy elephants, monkeys and mice. In 1902 the Steiff company manufactured the first stuffed bears with moveable joints. They soon introduced their product in Leipzig toy fair and the rest is history! Today, the vintage Steiff bears are very popular collectibles, with even their own fan club. The famous Steiff ear tag has become an iconic symbol of the toys.


A66Steiffit2.jpg   A66Steiffit1.jpg

The Steiff bears have been manufactured in numerous colours and sizes during the decades. The little Stiff bears are companied by other old toys. Photos: Aki Syrjäläinen / Auction House Helander.


There are dozens of Steiff bears available at Helander’s April Auction. Oldest of them date back to the first decades of the 1900’s. The April Auction will be held on April 5–6, 2018. You are very welcome to come and meet the Steiff bears on Open House, April 4, from 12 o’clock onwards. The auction catalogue with more information will be published by the end of the previous week.




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