Huge and Unique 1950’s Moomin up for Auction at Helander!

A Huge and Unique 1950’s Moomin (The Snork Maiden in the picture below) is up for Auction at Helander’s April 2017 Auction, this Saturday on the 8th of April. In addition to this we have unfolded several unseen pictures of Moomins and Tove Jansson from the 1950’s. The Auction also offers a wide range of popular, yet rare Moomindolls manufactured by the Finnish troll company Atelier Fauni (1954-1971)



 Tove Jansson with Moomins at Stockmann in Helsinki Finland in 1956. Photograph: Reino Loppinen, Lehtikuva.



This unique Snork Maiden (Snorkfröken, Niiskuneiti) was originally manufactured to be a prop for Stockmann’s Moomin related events in the 1950’s. The Maiden was first seen at Stockmann in 1956, where it posed to photographers with Tove Jansson and met the hundreds of fans gathered to see Tove and the Moomins.


In 1957 The Snork Maiden made head-lines again, when it was seen at a Grand Opening of another Stockmann in Tampere. This time the Snork Maiden was a part of a Moomindisplay built to set the mood for the Moomin themed Grand Opening. Since then this unique paper mass Moomin has been missing, until recent discovery. 




The 105 cm Snork Maiden (Lot 166) will be sold to the highest bidder on Saturday the 8th of April, along side the rare Atelier Fauni moomindolls. The reservation price is 50 € /item.


tampere 1957.jpg

 The Snork Maiden at Stockmann’s Moomin display in Tampere Finland in 1957. Photograph: Stockmann history archives. 


 A rare and unseen picture of Atelier Fauni’s Moomindolls from the 1960’s posing as Beatles in their Abbey Road Cover. Helsinki Finland, Aleksanterinkatu. 


Untitled design-2.png

A picture of all of the Moomins to be sold at Helander’s April 2017 Auction this Saturday. 



Text: Jenny Sirén
Pictures: Auction House Helander, Erkki Laine. Atelier Fauni Archives, Johannes Kuuskoski. Stockmann Museum Archives. 


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