Exciting News! – Fall Season 2017 Brings Changes to Auctions.

 We have some exciting news! The Fall Season 2017 brings along twice as many Evening Auctions and our Monthly Auctions will last up to three days in the future! 




Monthly Auctions shift from weekend to week and run up to three days



Come Fall Season 2017 monthly auctions – held in Helander’s main building – will take place during the weekdays, instead of the weekend. The shift brings along other changes as well and the Auction will for example be divided into three days. All monthly auctions will in future start during Wednesdays, ending on Fridays.


This means that our next monthly auction, the August Auction 2017 will be held during Wednesday the 30th of August, Thursday the 31st of August and Friday the 1st of September. The Auction starts at 5 pm (UTC/GMT +3H) everyday.



With the new schedule, our Open House will in future be held between Wednesdays and Fridays, starting at 12pm and ending at 5pm.


The wave of change has it’s effect also on Collection Days, making it possible for you to collect your Items during a 4-6 day window. The collection days will be held during the auction and open house and on Saturday 10am to 2pm (a day after the auction) and Monday and Tuesday from 12pm to 5pm (post-auction week).


The Auction Catalogue will be published at the same time as always, on Friday (during the week prior to the Auction) at approximately 6 pm local time. 


Consignment of good(s) will also stay as it is and we will be open for consignment of good(s) during weekdays (from 12 pm to 5 pm) and Saturdays (from 10 am to 2 pm) excluding National Holidays. 






A Welcome Increase in the amount of Evening Auctions



The wildly popular Evening Auction has many fans, and so we have decided to increase the amount of these little warehouse sales from one to two auctions per month. And as a piece of Good news to those working the “office hours”: All Evening Auctions will continue starting late, at 5 pm and lasting until about 8 pm.


The Open houses of these sales will be held as before, staring at 12pm on the Auction day, and ending when the Auction starts at 5pm. The release of the Evening Auction Catalogues will also continue to take place two days prior to the Auction.


The Collection of Good(s) is open during the auction and on the days to follow: Thursday and Friday (12pm to 5pm) and on Saturday (10am to 2pm).





Fall Season 2017 – Auction schedules



The schedule for upcoming Auctions on the Fall Season 2017 has had some slight changes to it. Please check the schedule below, to make sure you don’t miss anything! 





Text: Joonas Mutkala, Jenny Sirén.


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