Art Auction Catalogue is out now!


Minna and Virva

Minna and Virva from Helander choosing their favourites.


Special ART Auction Catalogue has been published. The auction includes 300 items from Finnish and international artists. Browse through the catalogue, find the items you like and bid! 





Auction: The Special ART Auction will be held on Wednesday, 15th of August, at 5 pm.

Open house: The open house will be held on the auction day from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Online and phone bidding: Online and phone bidding are now open. Online and phone bidding close one (1) hour prior to the auction. After this you may continue bidding at the Auction House.

Address: The open house, auction and collection of goods will be held at our main building at Hernepellonkuja 8–10, 00560 Helsinki. See the schedule for collection of goods:




Martta Wendelin

Art by Finnish artist Martta Wendelin (18931986).



Photos: Auction House Helander / Erkki Laine


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