Front pageBidding – 3 easy ways

1) Bidding via catalogue – Automatic Bidding is your friend


Perhaps the most popular way or taking part in an auction is to enter a bid via the catalogue. Your bid is the highest price that you are willing to pay for the lot in question. Automatic Bidding will raise your bid on your behalf by the minimum increment and notify you if another bidder exceeds your bid. Bid raises are done according to the bid increment scale, and you will be included in the bidding up until the maximum you set.




2) Bidding in the LIVE state (hammer auctions only)


You can take part in our hammer auctions online during the auction, i.e. while the catalogue is in the Live state. Log in to submit bids in real time, bidding against other bidders. Some of the bids will have been placed in advance, while some are made in real time by bidders on site and bidders online.

ENTER YOUR BIDYou can enter a bid by clicking Enter a Bid. The bid increments follow the bid increment scale. The bid button always shows the next price to be bid.
ADVANCE / ON-SITE BID WINNINGWhen this is displayed, you are not currently the highest bidder.
LAST CHANCEThe lot is about to be closed, and there are only a few seconds left to submit a new bid.
WAITINGThe bid is being entered in the system.
YOUR BID IS WINNINGYou are currently the highest bidder.
SOLD!The lot has been sold.


Good to know


If you have submitted a bid for an item before the auction begins, do not begin bidding in the Live state until the maximum you set for your advance bid has been exceeded. The system cannot tell on the basis of your customer ID whether the previous bid was in fact yours.


3) Bidding on site (hammer auctions only)


You are welcome to attend our hammer auctions and special auctions in person. In this case, you can submit bids by raising your numbered bidding paddle. You can get a bidding paddle from the cashier before or during the auction.

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